Following are the goals set by the ILTA Conference Co-chairs, which direct all aspects of the educational program development:

Align the strategic goals of conference with those of the organization

Collaborate with all supporting structures of the organization to align and integrate programming
  • Strengthen the team approach to staff/officer/volunteer involvement
  • Continue the development of the team approach to conference planning
  • Create educational content that is an extension of programming that happens pre- and post-conference

Maintain high value, affordable conference
  • Set registration fees for members and vendors that align with our expenses
  • Provide value for vendor sponsorships

Increase networking opportunities
  • Align networking opportunities with organizational structure (regions, peer groups, focus groups, professional strata)
  • Target networking events to attendees who have limited opportunities to connect with their specific peers
  • Communicate (market) networking opportunities across various organization venues (website, listservs, conference brochures, conference e-news, officer communications to specific constituencies)

Develop and deliver an external communication plan that reflects the value proposition and the ongoing ROI analysis

Balance vendor interaction to our culture and member needs
  • Observe desired vendor speaker ratio as stated in the educational program goals
  • Work with vendors to ensure marketing focus centers around educational and product offerings
  • Provide adequate opportunities for members to visit the exhibit hall
  • Communicate the value of vendor/sponsor contributions to the conference

Demonstrate our focus on the latest technologies, communication tools and social media to assist in conference planning and implementation

Strengthen the sustainability program/policies in conference planning and implementation

Increase international participation
  • Market to international members
  • Encourage international membership on panels

Maximize collaborative opportunities with the Law Department peer group/attendees to gain further value from their ‘client-focused’ perspective.

Deliver high-quality sessions
  • Centralize communications related to session development
  • Develop fresh, relevant, diverse content
  • Develop content that attracts decision makers
  • Ensure the experience level of the session matches the published experience level
  • Define and publish session formats for delivering content (presentation, panel, roundtable discussion)
  • Develop intermediate and advanced level sessions

Manage the speaker population
  • Seek out the best qualified speaker(s) on each topic
  • Maintain a member / vendor speaker participation ratio of 65/35
  • Seek out and mentor and manage new speakers to ensure a fresh, diverse speaker population
  • Continue to develop speaker management tools to support the conference committee in selecting and mentoring their speakers and developing content
  • Refine the selection and mentoring of speakers and moderators to ensure quality panel sessions